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Colleton Preparatory Academy
Summer Reading Lists 2018

Rising High School Grades 9 & 10

Students will read one (1) book of their choice and answer the following journal to be turned in by the first day of class, August, 20, 2018.  You will need to be prepared to discuss your book in class. Student selections must be on a high school (young adult or adult) level.  Books must NOT have been made into a movie or something you have read prior.

The “Reader Response Journal” is due Monday, August 20, 2018. Late assignments will receive a fifty point penalty and will only be accepted through Wednesday, August 22, 2018. *Please make sure the journal has the student’s first and last name on it to avoid losing points.*

Reader Response Journal

1. Title/Author

2. Setting: When and where the story takes place.

 Plot: A summary of the novel. It should include the exposition, rising action, conflict, climax,
    falling action, and resolution.

Characters: Who are the major characters in the action of the story? Make a list of the story’s

    major characters and give a description of each.

 Theme: The central message of the novel; the theme makes some statement about or

    expresses some opinion. For example, the subject of a story might be war while the theme might

    be the idea that war is useless.

 Commentary: Your response to the book; give reasons why you would or would not recommend

    this novel to others. What was your favorite passage, character, or idea of the book? Why?