Jim Barrett

Director of Technology & Maintenance

Mr. Barrett
Jim began work in the information technology field around 1981. With a degree in Industrial Technology and Computer Science, Jim has spent more than 30 years in computers in various areas.  Working for other companies Mr. Barrett gained experience as a computer operator, programmer, system analyst, systems engineer, operations manager, and more.  Seeing a need for knowledgeable and professional computer services he and his wife Janice started Barrett Computers in January 1993.  Janice, a native of the Colleton county, is a John C. Calhoun graduate.  They have 2 sons who are graduates of CPA, James in 2003 an Joseph in 2012.  Joseph is a graduate of Clemson University where he was a member of their Co-Ed Cheer Team.  A 3rd son, Jacob, is a member of CPA's next graduating class of 2020.  Jim maintains all the computers and technology equipment at CPA, oversees all the maintenance on campus, teaches high school computer classes, and is the designer and webmaster for this website.

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