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CPA Graduate Cheering at Clemson

CPA 2012 graduate Joseph Barrett is now a Senior at Clemson University.  When he left CPA and headed for college he never imagined being on a major college team of any kind.  Becoming a member of the Clemson Co-ed cheer team was not in his initial plans but that's where college life and Clemson friends have led him.  Encouraged by others he met at Clemson, shortly after the beginning of his second year Joseph decided to dedicate his spare time to working out and learning all it takes to tryout for the team.  Tryouts were in April that year and when it came his time he amazed his family and friends by making the team.  Working through the summer on keeping in shape and mastering techniques required for cheering, Joseph was ready when the first home game arrived.

Although Joseph never cheered or did anything related to cheering, he does credit his workout ethic and a dedication attitude he learned at CPA to leading him to the places that presented the opportunities.  Always proud to wear the CPA war hawk in blue and white, Joseph now proudly displays the Clemson tiger paw in orange and purple.  If you're at one of games or watching on TV see if you can spot Joseph cheering on the tigers.  While you do just remember, he is one of our own attending CPA from kindergarten to graduation.

In the "First Friday" parade

Warming up just before the 1st home game


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