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Colleton Preparatory Academy
Primary, Intermediate, and Kindergarten Curricula

The kindergarten and primary grade (PK4-Grade 3) students learn through a traditional elementary program that uses a variety of experiential learning activities with an emphasis on critical thinking skills through the use of Bloom’s (revised) Taxonomy.

Lower school students learn to read fiction and non-fiction critically, write in a variety of genre with increasingly complex style, speak with confidence in front of peers and adults, and listen attentively to speakers.

Mathematical procedures, functions, and problem-solving are integrated in a horizontal and vertical spiraled curriculum with an eye to mastery of basic skills prior to middle school.

The social studies and science curriculum are integrated with mathematics and the language arts through activity-based instruction in grades one through three.

The intermediate (Grades 4 & 5) students experience is a departmental structure with classes in each academic discipline: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The learning becomes more specific to content and concepts with a continued emphasis on critical thinking skills through the use of Bloom’s (revised) Taxonomy.

All students in K4 through 5th grade have once a week classes in physical education, health, guidance, visual arts, music, technology, library, and foreign language. All students in Lower School have a “recess” once a day and intermediate students also have morning “break.”

Lower school students also have the opportunity to participate in SCISA sponsored extra-curricular activities like Spelling Bee, Literary Meet, Chess Meet, Music Festival and Choral Clinic, and Science Fair (intermediate students).

Additionally, lower school students may participate in select sports-related activities and intramural sports. Cheer squads: "Teeny Hawks"- Grades K2-K3; “Wee Hawks” -Grades K4-3rd; “Elementary Cheer” -Grades 3, 4, 5; Intramural football –Grades 1—5; Intramural Co-ed Basketball –Grades 1-5.

The foundation for personal health and well-being through a structured academic curriculum with varied opportunities for co-curricular activities prepares students for the academic rigor and active life of the middle school student.


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